About Me

Updated Jan 22, 2016
My parents always played "GOOD" Classical music on their record players.  So I grew up appreciating and listening to Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Handel, Shubert, Mendolson, Schuman, Tchaikovsky, and all the other great masters.  I started piano lessons at age 8.  While in the third grade, the San Diego Symphony had performed at my elementary school and I was MESMERIZED by the sound of the oboe.  I told my mom that I wanted to learn the oboe when the school started up the new band program that Fall.  But she talked me out of the oboe for cost reasons and suggested I start on her clarinet which was just sitting in the closet.  She had won many awards on her clarinet before retiring it to become a nurse.  So I was still 8 when I started learning the clarinet in the 4th grade band. 

I practiced Everyday so that by October in the 7th grade, my band teacher, Mr. Edward Reed, auditioned everyone and awarded me First Chair of the 1st Clarinet section.  In honor of my achievement, my Mother bought me an artist's model Noblet Leblanc clarinet with articulated G and extra keys.  I still proudly own & play this clarinet.  Then in the 8th grade, my teacher announced the school had just bought an oboe and asked "Who would like to learn to play the oboe"?  I responded quickly, "Me".   And so it was, I took the oboe and a book home over the Christmas vacation.  My mom almost had a cow and said, "But I just bought you that clarinet!  Why do you want to learn another instrument?  Promise me you won't give up on the clarinet and piano!"  I pledged my promise and adamantly insisted I would keep up with all thre instruments!  I started teaching myself the hardest instrument to play, the oboe.  (Later my mom got me professional oboe lessons).  In two weeks, though, I was playing that oboe in the school's orchestra while still playing my clarinet in the concert, pep, and marching bands.  

Sometime after January, I stayed after school one day and watched a class and  listened to this wonderful sound called "Stage Band".  I became fascinated by the saxophone and the "Big Band" era of music.  I wanted in!  So Mr. Reed loaned me an Alto Saxophone & a book and I headed home with my next instrument that I wanted to learn!  And of course my mom said, "Oh no!  Not again!  Not another instrument"!  But I replied with my familiar promise and then faithfully practiced All Four instruments!  I got to play in the "Swingin' Kingsman" Stage Band 2 group and later group 1.  Yes, I still have some
LP 33 records recorded by my bands.  Today, Stage Band is called Jazz Band, but either way, it's a fun class to be a part of!  You learn to improvise.
Over the years into adulthood, I kept up ALL those instruments and also learned the English Horn, Flute, Trumpet, French Horn, Baritone, Trombone, Percussion and Bells, and a little Guitar and Harp.  I started teaching piano lessons when I was 14 and loved being a teacher!  So in 1993, I decided to become an Elementary School Band teacher.  My mentor has always been my favorite teacher, Mr. Edward Reed, and I pattern much of my teaching skills after him.  After 20 years, I retired from teaching Elementary School Band for the Jordan and Canyons School Districts. 

In August 2015, I came out of retirement to once again teach Elementary School Band for Thomas Edison North Charter School in Logan.  I had been
missing it SO much!  I am so much in my realm once again!  I totally love 
what I do!  My whole world revolves around music and teaching the gift of music to children!  I really enjoy seeing students learn and grow in their new talents.  It is a Lot of fun to "jam" with my more accomplished students, too.

We have a combined family of ten children: his, mine, and ours, just like the movie.  Our youngest child is Rebekah (age 22) is quite an accomplished percussionist like her brother Jeremy.  All ten learned one or more instruments.  Several are still playing them as adults.  We have 18 grandchildren ages 8 months to 21 years and one more due in June 2016.

The other side of me loves poultry.  I order in Exotic & Common poultry: day-old baby chicks, ducklings & goslings per request.  You can check out my other website: www.CachePoultry.com.